CRM Strategy | Upgrade Assessment

Existing Oracle customers need to answer the question, "Should we upgrade to the current release?" Answering this question requires answers to two other questions— "What will it take to upgrade?" and "What do we gain?"

Here are a few excerpts from an 11i Upgrade assessment I performed. We started by identifying how the current application suite was being used and what the issues were. This was approached from the process perspective and individual form/functional level to ensure all the issues were captured.

crm_upgrade1 (93K)

From there, the upgrade enhancements that would address current issues could be easily identified. This provided the client a complete list of meaningful benefits that would be realized by going through the time and expense of upgrading.

crm_upgrade2 (105K)

I also included key screen shots to provide visual context for the analysis—seeing how the improvement is delivered helps avoid misconceptions that can arise from a statement like "build marketing lists without writing SQL"

crm_upgrade3 (55K)

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