Process Improvement | Business Process Baseline

Documenting current state (or "as-is") business processes provides varying levels of value depending on the project and nature of the process.

The opportunity management process tends to be so variable that the "standardized" flow becomes too generic to provide much insight, for instance. These kind of processes can be done quickly from universal flows to verify general flow and provide the requisite structure to organize downstream deliverables such as requirements.

The lead management process, on the other hand, is often unique and its workflow basis makes it worthwhile to diagram in detail. Here is an example with callouts and baseline metrics on some of the problem areas that we identified for addressing during the implementation.

lead_process_asis (68K)

Process details support the process diagrams to create a business process baselines document (similar to AIM's BP-040) to communicate a complete picture of the process how, why, and why; along with key issues that are to be addressed by the implementation project.

lead_process_details (40K)

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