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CRM Strategy & Analysis

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What business problems are we trying to solve? How exactly will the project deliver ROI? Which approach will most likely yield the best solution? Working with the client to analyze and answer these types of questions is what drives successful implementations.

Value Mapping | Solution Analysis | Upgrade Assessment

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Project Management

My project management approach emphasizes communications with the client to build confidence in the project team and direction, removing barriers to progress, and ensuring the project is on track to deliver business value. As I continue to practice both functional consulting and project management roles, knowledge of one strengthens the other.

Planning | Project Snapshot | Tracking Progress


Knowing what different Oracle Applications can do and how to configure them to create a stable environment tailored for a client is a given for any professional implementer. My samples here highlight ways that standard Oracle functionality can be stretched to provide the best user experience and process integration possible.

Marketing Import Template | Discoverer Integration | Sales Order Lookup | Empowering Flexfields
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Process Improvement

Every CRM implementation impacts current business processes. Being able to lead process workshops and quickly capture and re-design processes is an important skill I've developed over the years. Clients have told me that our process definition and design workshops have been enlightening and deliver great value.

Project Scope | Process Baselines | Process Design

User Training and Support

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Designing and delivering effective user training is critical for fully realizing the potential benefits of the implementation. Training and support ensures users integrate the system into their daily routines and understand how to get value out of the application, and it helps to relieve the initial apprehension of having to learn a new system and new way of doing things.
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