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Now that Oracle supports Forms and OAF personalization, user help can be built right into the application. This can be particularly valuable to clarify non-intuitive functions or where choosing the correct value is critical.

Here's an example of using custom error messages to provide the user with details on how to resolve the issue-in this case trying to update a customer that has an active TCA Security rule.

online_help_tca_security (59K)

Inline tips can provide a quick reference for critical fields without extra clicks, such as this custom tip on the Opportunity details page which shows the win probability thresholds for Best, Forecast, and Worst forecast scenarios.

online_help_win_prob (2K)

Pop-up Tip windows can be added to provide additional explanations field values.

online_help_tca_tip (29K)

The above tip includes a specially coded link to automatically launch an email to the correct recipientů

online_help_email (23K)

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