Configuration+ | Empowering Flexfields

Problem: Oracle's Descriptive Flexfields allow implementers to define custom fields to hold unique attributes not supported by standard E-Business Suite. But these fields aren't really integrated with the application as they can't typically be configured to control behavior or displayed in arbitrary locations on pages.

Solution: But with some extra effort and a few tricks, these flexfields can be melded into the application as if they were standard Oracle fields or added with custom development.

In the opportunity details page below you see four flexfield segments.

asn_flexfield_personalizations (106K)

License Type demonstrates a pull-down list when you just have a few values and don't want the user to have to open the full list of values window.

Reseller/Client field is table-validated, pulling from the TCA base tables, the description shown in blue tip text is the account number combined with address to help identify the correct party.

Primary Contact depends on the reseller party selected-only that organization's contacts are displayed.

The forth segment, Manager Notes, doesn't actually display in the standard flexfield tab. The client wanted this up in the header region to be prominent and quickly updateable. This too can be done without custom development.

The Reseller Details button is also special. I created this to allow users to quickly navigate to the reseller supporting the opportunity-it opens the customer details page for the reseller selected in the flexfield without having to perform another search, as shown below. The page call includes a bread crumb back to the opportunity for roundtrip integration.

asn_reseller_page_call (109K)

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